Clay Reclaimed Roof tiles

Nothing gives you that timeless, classic look more than reclaimed bricks and tiles.

Your building will look like it has been there for years and will blend in to its natural surroundings instantly.

Nothing complements our reclaimed bricks better than reclaimed tiles, the tiles are clay and come in either handmade or machine-made variety.

They will be made by a mix of different manufacturers. All tiles are carefully hand selected so only the best reclaimed tiles are used.

We are so confident that our tiles are fit for purpose we offer the same 15 year guarantee that manufacturers supply on a new tiles.

The tiles are graded by colour, ranging from darks, mediums to lights, or you can have a blend of all three (best blend) see photos.

We can supply all the fittings as well from ridge tiles to hips, bonnets and valley tiles to give your roof that timeless aged look, all of these are backed up with our peace of mind full replacement 15 year guarantee.

ISO 9001:2008 and Our Guarantee

Reclaimed tiles do not come with a certification ISO 9001:2008 as this is impossible due to the fact they are second hand; no manufacturer will give this even if the tiles were only two years old and reclaimed.

What we can offer you and NHBC is the same manufacturer’s guarantee for a new tile. Our guarantee is for 24 years; the first twelve years is a full replacement this covers all aspects of replacing and fitting costs, the following twelve years is replacement only.

The reclaimed tiles are hand sorted at the yard and any cracked or frost damaged ones are disposed of. But as an extra precaution we ask that your tiler takes a little care to check them as he lays them to ensure all the tiles fitted are of an expectable standard. Should you find wastage factor higher than 5% we will replace those at no extra charge. All fittings will be brand new and are covered by the standard manufacturer’s guarantee.

Top award-winning developers have built extensively with reclaimed tiles and to date they have had no issues with them, they insure their homes through Zurich the same company as NHBC.